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Sheikh Zayed Medical College offers following courses:




B.Sc. Medical Laboratory Technology

B.Sc. Medical Imaging Technology

B.Sc. Operation Theatre Technology


Nursing Course

Sheikh Zayed Medical College offers course leading to the degree of Bachelor or Medicine and bachelor of Surgery (MBBS). The Minimum duration for completion of the degree shall be five year for MBBS. Admission shall be made on the basis of merit and according to admission policy. The general objective of the MBBS curriculum is to prepare a general-purpose community oriented doctor who will be competent enough to deal with common health problems on the scientific basis and in accordance with the code of Medical ethics prescribed by Pakistan Medical and Dental Council and will be able to continue post-graduate Medical Education in the specialty of his/her choice. In order to achieve this general objective the medical curriculum described below is not only to train the doctors dealing with medical problems in Pakistan, but it also conforms to the recognized standard of medical education any where in the world. In planning the training activity of the medical students, basic requirement is the determination of the objectives. This is essential in order to give a sense of direction to the training program and to base the evaluation of the students on the achievement of the predetermined objectives. Therefore, a student to be taught and trained so that at the time of graduation he/she is well versed with all aspects to which a general duty medical officer is supposed to know. To achieve these objectives the curriculum of the MBBS course is spread over 5 years period duly approved by the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council.