Department of Anesthesia

Dr. Sairah Sadaf 



  • As DHQ was founded in 1984, the Department of Anaesthesiology was also established. At present the department of Anaesthesia is fully equipped in human resources & electro medical equipments to meet the requirements of tertiary care hospital.
  • Dr. Muhammad Ali Bukhari (MCPS-Anaesthesia, Chief Consultant Anaesthetist) was first to join as HOD. It was under his supervision that foundation of postgraduate training was laid in this Department. Afterwards Dr. Shakeel Azmat joined as HOD and played his part in establishing the department.
  • In 1992 Dr. Muhammad Anwer Rehan joined as HOD & served this department in an exemplary way. His efforts brought stability and progress to this department. He developed & maintained the equipment in a way which is rare to be seen in any public sector hospital in Pakistan.
  • On 19th January, 2009 Dr. Haq Dad Durrani (FCPS-Anaesthesia) joined as First Assistant Professor in this department, opening gates to official tertiary care teaching. His dedication to patients and passion to teach anaesthesia got this department accredited by PMDC, further strengthening the department.
  • Professor Dr. Khalid Javed Butt (FCPS-Anesthesia) joined as 1st Professor of Anaesthesia in October, 2010 in this far beyond area of Southern Punjab and served till February, 2013. His reputation as an impeccable teacher for postgraduates trainees as well as medical students, uplifted the department to next level. Under his supervision a number of PGRs passed MCPS & FCPS exams.
  • Dr. Haq Dad Durrani continued the legacy after Professor Dr. Khalid Javed Butt till 22nd January, 2015 when he joined Ghazi Medical College, D.G. Khan as Associate Professor and Head of Department.
  • Once again Dr. Muhammad Anwer Rehan took over as Chief Consultant Anaesthetist & HOD. His efforts to serve the patients and improvement continued till the last day when he retired in May 2015, after serving the institution for three (3) decades with zeal & zest and honesty.
  • In May, 2015 Dr. Abdul Majid Khan took over as HOD and continue the excellent tradition of his predecessors. His well organized approach and untiring efforts lead to the establishment of running Cardiac Surgery Theatres.
  • At present Dr. Sairah Sadaf (FCPS-Anesthesia) is HOD and keeping the rituals of Postgraduate teaching alive. Initiation of MS & DA Anesthesia courses is another feather in her cap along with compassionate patient care. Nonetheless highly qualified & competent team is working to provide continuous patients services 24/7.
  • Zeeshan Khan                               Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Amjad Siddique                    Assistant Professor (OPS)
  • Hameedullah                                Consultant Anaesthetist
  • Dr.  Amir Abbas Shah                Consultant Anaesthetist
  • Dr. Nasim Javed                          Consultant Anaesthetist (OPS)
  • There are about 58 personnel (Medical Officers, Post Graduate Trainees & House Officers) are working for patient care in the department.

Faulty of the Department

Sr. #

Name of Doctors Designation


Dr.  Sairah Sadaf Associate Professor/HOD


Dr.  Zeeshan Khan Assistant Professor


Dr.  Amjad Siddique Consultant Anaesthetist /Assistant Professor (OPS)


Dr.  Hameedullah Consultant Anaesthetist


Dr.  Amir Abbas Shah Consultant Anaesthetist (Adhoc)


Dr.  Naseem Javed Consultant Anaesthetist (OPS)


Dr.  Amjad Ali S.M.O.


Dr.  Rozina Yasmeen S.M.O.


Dr.  Hussain Saeed S.M.O.


Dr.  Tariq Mahmood S.M.O.


Dr.  Naveed Ghous S.M.O.


Dr.  Muhammad Iqbal S.M.O.


Dr.  Abdul Ghaffar Ch. S.M.O.


Dr.  Zafer Iqbal S.M.O.


Dr.  Abdul Ghaffar Lodhi S.M.O.


Dr.  Muhammad Azam Dahir M.O.


  • Initiation of MS-Anesthesia & DA-Anesthesia (Postgraduate Training Programs) is achieved under supervision of Dr. Sairah Sadaf has further enhanced the clinical spectrum of this department.
  • Department of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery with 02 operation rooms and 05 bedded Cardiac ICU has started working in the year 2017. CABG with beating heart is a great achievement.
  • Continuous Liquid Oxygen supply in the form of VIE (Vacuum Insulated Evaporated) is a dream come true and the credit goes to the hard work and full dedication of Mohammad Anwer Rehan and Dr. Abdul Majid Khan under worthy command of Principal of this Institute. Central Medical Gas Systems are installed all over the hospital i.e. Phase-I, Phase-II, Cardiac Surgery, CCU-I & II, Old Emergency & New Emergency. With the extraordinary support of Prof. Dr. Ghulam Mustafa Arain, Ex-Principal Sheikh Zayed Medical College/Hospital another VIE is installed at Emergency.
  • Multi Disciplinary Pain Management services are also initiated under Haq Dad Durrani from 2013 in Operation Theatre Phase-II. Now it is continued by Dr. Abdul Majid Khan who is also qualified as pain physician along with his excellent skills as cardiothoracic anaesthetist.

Training Programme

  • Associate Professor & HOD Dr. Sairah Sadaf is supervising the post-graduate trainees since January, 2015.
  • Professor Dr. Khalid Javed Butt was supervisor from 2010 to 2013.
  • Haq Dad Durrani became supervisor in 2009 and department became fully accredited for FCPS & MCPS Anaesthesia.
  • Anaesthesia Department was 1st accredited for MCPS & FCPS Anaesthesia (partially) under supervision of Dr. Muhammad Ali Bukhari in 2008.

Anaesthesia Department is running following “Degree Programs”

  • B.Sc (Hons.) Operation Theatre Technology
 4 Years Degree Program
  • MCPS
2 Years Degree Program
  • FCPS 
 4 Years Degree Program
  • MS-Anaesthesia
 5 Years Degree Program
  • Diploma in Anaesthesia (D.A)
2 Years Degree Program

Trainees are encouraged to participate in research oriented studies by Dr. Sairah Sadaf (Associate Professor & HOD) and the moment many research projects are under process.

 Research Projects:

Four Articles relating to Anaesthesia are published in national & international journals. While following articles are under process:

  1. Comparison of predictive values of different airway assessment methods in a tertiary care hospital.
  2. Incidence of backache after Spinal Anaesthesia in non-obstetric patients in tertiary care hospitals.
  3. Comparison between co-loading & pre-loading for prevention of hypotension after spinal anaesthesia in adult males.
  4. Incidence of backache after spinal anaesthesia in obstetric patients undergoing c-section in tertiary care hospitals.
  5. Comparison between effects of low dose ketamine & low dose profol on shivering in adult patients after spinal anaesthesia in tertiary care hospital.
  6. A comparison of post-operative emergence agitation between sevoflurane & propofol anaesthesia inductions in pediatric patients.
  7. Comparison between the effects of preloading with colloids and crystalloids on mean arterial pressure for the patients undergoing Trans urethral resection of prostate (TURP) under spinal anaesthesia in tertiary care hospital.


Organization Of Anesthesia Department

 Future Plans

  • We are looking forward to establish a full-fledge Pain Medicine Department in near future.