The total seats available for admissions in the Sheikh Zayed Medical College and their allocation against each category of seats is shown in the following table:-


 CATEGORY                                                                                                 SZMC, R.Y.K

  •  Open Merit (Normal Fee)                                                                                    126
  • Foreign Students on Self-Finance Basis.                                                              2
  • Under-developed district seats (Normal Fee)                                                   15
  • Northern Areas (Normal Fee)                                                                               2
  • Azad Jammu Kashmir                                                                                            2
  • Disabled (Normal Fee)                                                                                           2
  • Indian Occupied Kashmir                                                                                      2


 Total                                                                                                                          151

Note : The admission procedure and eligibility criteria is being givens in the prospectus of the Govt. Medical Dental Institutes of Punjab.


Applicants having domicile of Punjab and Federal Capital Area shall be eligible to apply for admission in Government Medical and Dental Colleges of Punjab.
Applicants must have secured 715/1100 unadjusted marks in F.Sc. (Pre-medical) or equivalent examination (excluding the marks of Hafiz-e-Quraan).
Candidates are required to pass the Entry Test with a minimum of 40% marks.
Candidates who possess qualifications equivalent to intermediate (Pre-Medical) in the subjects of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English can apply for admission. The equivalence of qualification and calculation of marks of the candidates holding qualification other than F.Sc (pre-medical) will be determined by the Inter Board Committee of Chairmen, Islamabad. (IBCC)
The Chairman Admission Board reserves the right to scrutinize the educational documents of such applicants. In case any discrepancy is found with regard to the eligibility/ calculation of marks, of any applicant, he will refer the matter back to the IBCC for reconsideration in the light of discrepancy.
Address: Secretary IBCC (Inter Board Committee of Chairmen)
Office No. 342, Street No. 97, Sector -G-9/4
Islamabad. Ph: 051-2852041, 2851578
Fax: 051-2280665
The applicant should be under 25 years of age on the last date of submission of application.
Applicants from Azad Jammu & Kashmir and Northern Areas for admission to first year MBBS/BDS shall take the Entry Test of the Punjab.

Foreign Students Seat:

The applicants seeking admission on self-finance basis will be required to contribute to the college endowment fund in addition to the normal fee. This contribution will be US $ 5,000/- per annum. However, such students will apply to the Economic Affairs Division, Government of Pakistan Ministry of Finance & Economic Affairs division, Islamabad. The nominations against these seats, shall be communicated to the Health Department, Government of the Punjab, by Economic Affairs Division, Islamabad, for onward transmission to the college. The student will pay the requisite amount as mentioned above every year till the completion of their M.B.B.S course. In case a student repeats any class at his/her own accord or fails in the examination, he/she will have to pay the same amount as mentioned above for each extra year.

 Disabled Students Seats:

The admission of the disabled students will be on merit in their category, as per ordinance and subject to the production of following certificates from a Medical Board to be constituted by the Admission Board:-

  1. That he/she is a disabled student.
  2. That he/she is physically/mentally fit to carry on studies and perform professional duties after qualifying M.B.B.S examination.
  • Note 1: Students admitted against self-finance seats shall stay in the same category.
  • Note 2: The nominations by the various govt./authorities against reserved seats shall reach the Principal of the college not later than the start of the session and the students shall be directed to report to the college in the beginning of the session on a date to be announced by the college.
  • Note 3: Admission will be closed after a lapse of three months from the start of first year M.B.B.S classes.
  • Note 4: Application forms for admission of candidates from foreign countries, shall be submitted along with attested copies of certificates:

a) Certificate of having passed Intermediate Examination ( pre-medical) with national language, Physics, Chemistry, (Including Organic Chemistry) Biology and English as subject of the examination or an examination considered equivalent to the Intermediate (pre-medical) examination by the Inter Board Committee of Chairmen (I.B.C.C) Islamabad.
b). In case of the foreign students a certificate to the effect that the candidate can read, write, and speak English fluently enough to be able to benefit from the theoretical and practical classes should be obtained from the Government or Ambassador or other competent authority of the country concerned or from the Pakistan Embassy in that country.