Zayedians Awareness & Literary Society (ZALS)

Zayedians Awareness & Literary Society (ZALS)

Zayedian Awareness & Literary Society (ZALS) as a platform to encourage the students of this college to promote and Participate in extracurricular Healthy activities and to Organize events with respect to literary competitions, seminars, and contests, Presently, body structure / team of the society consists the following


Patron in Chief

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Saleem

Principal, Sheikh Zayed Medical College


1)Prof. Dr. Muhammad Tariq Ghafoor

  • Head of Surgical Unit-II, SZMC RY Khan


1) Dr. Javed Umer Khokhar
  • Senior Demonstrator, Forensic Medicine, SZMC. RY Khan
2) Dr. Khuram Munir
  • Senior Demonstrator, Physiology, SZMC. RY Khan


1)Maria Khalil

  • Final Year MBBS 

Vice President

1) Rameen Nadeem

  • 3RD Year MBBS 
 2) Muhammad Usman

  • 3RD Year MBBS 

General Secretary 

1) Ayesha Zulfiqar

  • 3RD Year MBBS
2) Muhammad Umer Aslam

  • 3RD Year MBBS

Secretary Awareness

1) Aqsa Abdul Sattar

  • 3RD Year MBBS
2) Rizwan Ali

  • 3RD Year MBBS

Secretary Literature

1) Saman Iqbal (English)

  • 3RD Year MBBS
2) Syeda Abiha Ahmad (Urdu)

  • 3RD Year MBBS
3) Muhammad Jahanzaib (Urdu)

  • 4TH Year MBBS
4) Hamza Iqbal (English)

  • 3RD Year MBBS

Secretary Media

1) Ayesha Fatima

  • 3RD Year MBBS
2) Abdullah Yousaf

  • 3RD Year MBBS

Secretary Finance

1) Aqsa Hafeez

  • 3RD Year MBBS
2) Abdul Rafay

  • 3RD Year MBBS

Introduction and Objective:

Zayedians Awareness and Literary society is a platform for the students of Sheikh Zayed Medical College RYK to express their talent and creativity and to compete with the students throughout the country and spread awareness. Promotion of Literature, Debates, Awareness Programs, Helping College in arranging Special events, Seminars, MUNs, Inter College Competitions and Represent SZMC in other institutes events.

How to achieve our objectives?

  • Promoting English, Urdu, Punjabi and Saraiki Literature and Debates.
  • Taking essential measures regarding awareness about social and medical affairs.
  • Encouraging students to participate in events of other colleges to represent SZMC.
  • Start Research work and orientate students in making future plans.
  • Organizing debates and literature competitions regarding Awareness of Social Issues.
  • Organizing the various events, functions and ceremonies using an expert team.

Achievements so far:


  • Produced a video to encourage people for plantation.
  • Planted plants within the boundaries of SZMC and Hostels.
  • Encouraged students for plantation by giving presentations in all classes.
  • Organized Competitions of Writing/Sketching & Photography to produce thoughts in people regarding
    need of Plantation & find their Talent as well.
  • Exhibited the sketches& Photographs on 14Th August event 2018to urge Planation under “GREEN
  • Announced the Position Holders & Distributed Prizes.
  • Recorded a video message of worthy Principal Prof Dr. Zafar Hussain Tanveer to encourage students and bring
    them out of depression.
  • Made a video “GRIFT” to aware people about the causes and consequences of Drugs and Smoking.
  • Published motivational posts written by students of our own to college to aware others about the
    consequences of Depression, Smoking and how to get rid of them.


 Organized:

  • English and Urdu Writing Competitions
  • Speech competitions
  • Announced the position holders on 14th August event 2018 and prizes were distributed by the honorable Principal of SZMC, Professor Dr. Zafar Hussain Tanveer.
  • Organized a writing competition in March 2019.
  • Urged them to write, and published their Writings on smoking and Depression on Social
  • Media Portals not only to motivate people to write but also to bring out their inner talent.
  • Represented SZMC in “INKSPELL” DGKMC and got “1st and 3rd position” in story writing.

 Represented SZMC in “Hijab Gala Contest” organized In Rahim Yar Khan & “Got Second Position for


  • Helped in organizing the first“14th August event 2018” for Students.
  • Organized the first “Musical Night” for Boys on 14thAugust 2018.
  • Helped in organizing the “White Coat Ceremony 2018” for First Year MBBS.