Department of Oral and Dental Surgery

Dr. Shazia Shabum 


Establishment & Introduction

The Department of Dental Surgery was established in 1957, as a part of D.H.Q hospital, Rahim Yar Khan. Later, Sheikh Zayed Medical College established and D.H.Q hospital merged with Sheikh Zayed teaching hospital. Presently, it is constituted within premises of OPD, Sheikh Zayed Hospital, Rahim Yar Khan.

Following are the name of dental surgeons who delivered their valuable services since 1957, in this hospital are as:

  1. Abdul Hakeem
  2. Fazal Alahi Sheikh
  3. Zafer Iqbal
  4. Sajjad Haider
  5. Abdul Qayoum
  6. Naveed Rehmat
  7. Mahmood Afzal
  8. Shazia Shabnam


  • Since July 2011, Dr. Shazia Shabnam takes the charge of this department.
  • On March 2014, Dr. Usman Qadir Khan, MDS Oral Surgery, joined this department as Asst. Prof. OMFS & established the department of OMFS to provide patients of maxilla / mandible fractures with the better treatment option of open reduction through platting. He left the department on May 2019.
  • Since April 2015, Dr. Fahad Amjad Sheikh becomes the first Administration Registrar of the department & step up with H.O.D to proliferate the department towards betterment.


Facilities & Services

In recent years, the facilities provided by the department for the well-being of patients have improved. Our dental surgeons provide different treatment options as:

  1. Filling
  2. RCT
  3. Pulpotomy
  4. Scaling
  5. Extraction
  6. Surgical Extraction
  7. Impaction
  8. Minor Surgical Procedures (Removal of Mucocele, Epulis, etc)
  9. Closed Reduction Cases (IMF, Archbar, etc)

While the services of current dental surgeons working in this institute as:

Sr. No. Name of Doctors Designation
1. Dr. Shazia Shabnam HOD Dental Department
2. Dr. Nadia Ambreen Senior Dental Surgeon
3. Dr. Aida Sarwar Dental Surgeon
4. Dr. Fahad Amjad Sheikh Admin. Reg. / Dental Surgeon
5. Dr. Shanza Sarfraz Dental Surgeon
6. Dr. Ramsha Saeed Dental Surgeon
7. Dr. Huma Zaheer Dental Surgeon
8. Dr. Khadija Idrees Dental Surgeon
9. Dr. Sadaf Anwer Dental Surgeon
10. Dr. Maham Manzoor Dental Surgeon



Since establishment, the fate of department remains almost constant till 2014 with the same number of dental units and limited treatment provided to the patients. And after that, the department continues to grow & prosper till now. We proliferate in every aspect to provide better treatment to the patients. Below table will describe the up-gradation of the department as:

Till 2014 Present Status
Dental Units 3 9
Rooms for Department 2 6
Dental O.T 1 2
Associate Professor OMFS 0 1
Assistant Professor OMFS 0 1
Dental Surgeons (BS-18) 3 3
Dental Surgeons (BS-17) 0 5
Para Medical Staff 5 12
Equipment (i.e X-rays, Autoclaves, Endomotors, Scalers) 2 8

With the up-gradation, number of patients also rises as quality treatment is being provided by the department.

Future Concerns

  1. Separate space for department

We are facing difficulties as our whole department is stuck in OPD and it become difficult for patients to get treatment from our department. Thus, a separate space for our department is required to serve ailing humanity.

  1. Availability of CBCT / Digital OPG & Cephalometrics

As the radiology got digitalized, we are changing our equipment for better of patients and for ease in diagnosis.

  1. Esthetic Treatments

We are ready to take this evolutionary step towards betterment of patients towards making smiles great.

  1. Creation of posts of Dental Surgeons, Dental Nurses & Paramedics for the department
  2. Last but not least, Sheikh Zayed Dental College, Rahim Yar Khan