Events Gallery 2018-19

30TH October 2019, Two Days Medicolegal Work / Autopsy & Exhumation Training Workshop 28/10/19 to 29/10/19 with the theme of “SAFE MEDICOLEGAL PRACTICE”.

30TH October 2019,                     

Two Days Medicolegal Work / Autopsy & Exhumation Training Workshop 28/10/19 to 29/10/19 with the theme of “SAFE MEDICOLEGAL PRACTICE”

06TH August 2019, ACADEMIC COUNCIL MEETING headed by Dr Tanveer Saleem Bajwa, Chairmen Board of Management (BOM). The Members BOM also attended the meeting upon the Special Invitation by Prof Dr Zafar Hussain Tanveer, Principal Sheikh Zayed Medical College Hospital, Rahim Yar Khan The Members BOM participated were:

(Non Official Members)

  • Prof Dr Syed Faiz ul Hassan Rizvi
  • Mian Rafiq Akhtar (Financial Expert)
  • Hassan Mustafa Advocate (Jurist)
  • Ms Asma Saeed

(Official Members)

  • Prof Dr Zafar Hussain Tanveer Principal SZMCH
  • Dr Ghulam Rabbani Medical Superintendent/Secretary BOM



Organised by Department of Gynaecology. Prof Dr Zafar H Tanveer, Principal Sheikh Zayed Medical College Hospital attended the workshop and acknowledged the efforts of the team of Gynaecologists. He stressed upon the fact that Population Control can lead to the ease in providing facilities to the people at large. He reiterated that Population Control is not Stigma but a need of hour.

18TH July 2019, Computer Workshop is Conducted in Sheikh Zayed Medical College / Hospital Rahim Yar Khan

18TH July 2019, SZMCH conducts successful larynx surgery DAWN News

DRUG ADDICTION & REHABILITATION CENTRE: Model Drug Addiction & Rehabilitation Centre will start its functioning soon at Department of Psychiatry & Behvioural Sciences SZMCH. Prof DrZafar H Tanveer, Principal SZMCH is very keen and is looking forwards to provide state of the art services for Drug Addicts.


16TH July 2019, Meeting Of Prof Dr. Zafar Hussain Tanveer Principal SZMCH Graciously Welcomed By Deputy Commissioner Upon Taking The Charge:

15TH July 2019, Farewell to Dr.Majid Khan by the Department of Anaesthesiology on his retirement. Principal SZMC /H was the chief Guest. Participants were the faculty of Anesthesia, Surgery and Allied Surgical Departments.

12TH July 2019,

پرنسپل شیخ زیدمیڈیکل کالج وہسپتال پروفیسرڈاکٹرظفرحسین تنویرکاڈسٹرکٹ بارکادورہ، ڈسٹرکٹ بارایسوسی اہشن کے مخدوم زاہدقمرکوہسپتال میں رابطہ افسرمقررکیا،وکلاء کوہسپتال میں علاج معالجے بارے بھرپورتعاون کی یقین دہانی کرائی ،سابق پرنسپل شیخ زیدمیڈیکل کالج ڈاکٹرعیص محمدکے بعددورہ ڈسٹرکٹ بارکا دوسرااعزازڈاکٹرظفرحسین کوحاصل ہوا، صدرڈسٹرکٹ بارحسان مصطفی ایڈووکیٹ اورممبران نے ڈاکٹرظفرحسین تنویرکاڈسٹرکٹ بارآمدپروالہانہ استقبال کیا، اس موقع پرمعروف قانون دان وممبرپنجاب بارکونسل رئیس ممتازمصطفی ایڈووکیٹ ،ایسوسی ایٹ پروفیسرومیڈیافوکل پرسن ڈاکٹرعلی برہان مصطفی  ودیگربھی موجودتھے۔

11TH July 2019, Visit of Train Accident injured admitted in SZH Emergency R.Y. khan by the:

• Principal SZMC R.Y. khan

• MS SZMC R.Y. khan

• Parliamentarians

• Commissioner BWP

• RPO Bahawalpur

• DPO R.Y. khan

• DC R.Y. khan

• Other dignitaries

Along with director emergency to enquire about the healthcare facilities being provided to the injured. All of them expressed their satisfaction over the team efforts of SZMC/H faculty.

11TH July 2019 An evening with ophthalmology department for appraisal of the faculty services & making up its deficiencies.

10TH July 2019, MEET THE PRESS:
Prof Dr Zafar Hussain Tanveer, Principal Sheikh Zayed Medical College Hospital, Rahim Yar Khan visited Press Club upon the special invitation by President Press Club Principal SZMCH briefed the Media in detail about the steps taken by him since assuming charge on 20-05-2019.

(1) Working hard to curb the menace of politics within hospital campus

(2) Administrative steps taken to improve the existing standards of Emergency, OPD and wards

(3) Formation of Committees to improve the functioning

(4) Started Audit of variant departments in order to ensure impartiality

(5) CT Scan issue will be resolved soon due to the active facilitation by Health Department

(6) Upgradation of Paramedical Staff done and issues relating to Scale 4 Employees taken up

(7) Strengthening of faculty, academics and research.


9TH July 2019, Visit of local MNAs and MPAs with the college and Hospital administration on issues of patient care and Hospital Management. They were briefed about the current development and managerial alterations. They were satisfied on the services being provided to a large number of patients from three provinces, beyond the capacity of the Hospital in limited resources.

1ST July 2019,

Employees Upgrading

29TH June 2019, Meeting of college academic council SZMC/H to discuss the matters of rotation of PGR’s ,induction of house officers ,promotion of faculty on own pay scale basis and function of various administrative and supervisory committees.

13TH June 2019, Visit of fourteen members CPSP inspection team SZMC/H for accreditation of MCPS program in the relevant departments. With this accreditation SZMC/H excels in the number of Post Graduate accredited departments in whole of Punjab. SZMC/H is second to Mayo Hospital Lahore in number and variety of postgraduate Approved specialties being run over here on 13-06-19.

12TH June 2019, Prof. Dr. Bushra Sher Zaman, after visiting Obs & Gynaecology Department as CPSP inspector for accreditation of MCPS course with Principal and Faculty members in Principal office SZMC Rahim Yar Khan on 12-06-19. She was presented with the Sheild and Ajrak as a token of memory from College administration.

12TH June 2019, Press Release.

11TH June 2019, Meeting regarding preparation for CPSP team for accreditation of MCPS course in various Basic and Clinical Departments held in conference Room SZMC on 11.06.19 at 01.00 PM. The Inspection is being held on 13.06.2019.

Walk and Workshop on “Awareness & Prevention of Thalassemia”    
 Inauguration of FUJI CR system In Emergency Radiology Department  Inauguration of ZAYEDIANS CAFETERIA for Boys Visit of Minister Health in Sheikh Zayed Medical College/Hospital
  The 71st Independence Day of Pakistan
14 August 2018
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  Final Day Annual Sports 2018    Farewell Party   Inauguration of Raigzaar