Department of Neurosurgery




Department of Neurosurgery was established in 1995 by the posting of Dr. Altaf Hussain as District Neuro Surgeon who served as head of department from 1995 to February 2006.

Introduction And Facilities:

The Neurosurgical department of Sheikh Zayed Medical College Rahim Yar Khan is a fully equipped, modern Neurosurgical Unit having all the essential facilities. The department has 42 beds in neurosurgical ward, 07 beds in neurosurgical ICU, and separate emergency and elective operation theaters. The team is dedicated, efficient and hard working and provides 24×7 neurosurgical emergency cover to whole region including patients of districts Rahim Yar Khan, Rajan Pur, Rujhan, Baluchistan, and interior Sindh. The department provide all kinds of neurosurgical emergency facilities for patient suffering from severe head injury, acute hydrocephalus, intracerebral hemorrhage, etc… No emergency patient is being referred to other centers. In recent past following facilities has been newly established / upgraded.

  • Round the clock availability of neurosurgical team in emergency department.
  • Five (5) beds for neurosurgical bay in emergency for severe head injury patients equipped with monitors and ventilators with trained nursing staff.

  • Seven (7) beds are dedicated and separated for neurosurgical ICU, fully equipped with monitors and ventilators with trained nursing staff and Intensivist.

  • Seven (7) beds are separated for high dependency bay in neurosurgery ward with availability of central oxygen and suction facility at each bed with vitals monitors.

  • Five (5) beds are separated for paediatric neurosurgery bay with central oxygen and suction facilities at 3 beds.

  • Neurosurgical ward became fully air conditioned for all patients in summer 2016.
  • Two (2) beds in spinal room for spinal injury patients.
  • Dedicated class room with fully functional multimedia facilities for lectures and presentations of under graduates and post graduates students.
  • Upgraded ward library loaded with neurosurgical books, Atlas and Journals.
  • Introduction of new endoscopic neurosurgical procedures like;
    i. Third ventriculostomy
    ii. Interventricular tumors excision
    iii. Arachnoid cyst fenestration
    iv. Trans sphenoidal Pituitary adenoma excision.
  • Latest spine surgery techniques
    i. Minimal invasive trans pedicular screw fixation
    ii. Posterior lumbar inter body fusion
    iii. Mini open lateral retro pleural thoracic corpectomy and cage fixation
    iv. Anterior and posterior cervical fusion fixations.


Heads Of The Department:

1. Dr. Altaf Hussain 1995 28-02-2006
2. HOD Dr. Muhammad Ali Bukhari   01-03-2006 31-08-2006
3. HOD Dr. Muhammad Arshad Ch 01-09-2006 30-11-2006
4. HOD Dr. Muhammad Ali Bukhari  01-12-2006 30-06-2012
5. HOD Prof. Dr. Naveed Ashraf 01-07-2012 29-10-2013
6. HOD Prof. Dr. M. Zafar Iqbal 30-10-2013 31-12-2014
7. HOD Dr. M. Sohaib Anwer 15-07-2015 09-05-2017
8. HOD Prof. DR. Tariq Ahmad 10-05-2017 to date


List of teaching Staff:


Prof. Dr. Tariq Ahmad (Professor / Head of Department)

 Dr. Muhammad Sohaib Anwer (Assistant Professor )

Dr. Muhammad Ali Waqas  (Assistant Professor )

Dr. Muhammad Javed Anjum  (Assistant Professor )

  • MBBS, MS 


Date of Recognition of Neurosurgery Department with CPSP:

    • Recognition Date of  Neurosurgery Department with CPSP is  24-04-2010